Play Online Casinos: Technology’s Answer To The Desires Of The Players

Willing to gamble money online? Say hello to Online Casinos. These are virtual replicas of real casinos but without the hassle of getting up from the couch. It is possible to gamble in real time with real money with just an internet connection and a smartphone or a PC. This also includes betting on E-Sports events or your favourite reality TV show. Of course, if you want to play casino online for the sake of playing, there are various options available for that too. Worried about the potential scams or the legality of the online transactions? After reading this, all your doubts and apprehensions will be cleared right away.

The Origins
The first Online Casino was established in 1994 with games like blackjack, video poker, craps, and roulette. The number increased from 15 websites in 1996 to 200 in 1997. By the end of ‘98, the business netted $830 million. In ‘99 Multiplayer gambling was introduced with services like chatting and interacting with other players. With the growing technology and development of internet services, the industry skyrocketed reaching $4.3 billion in 2002. These establishments also integrated the use of currency like Bitcoins for online transactions by 2014 even though the use of Bitcoins has become popular just in the past couple of years. Currently, the industry is valued at about $56.05 billion and it just keeps increasing.

How To Play?
To access and participate in it is very easy. Most of them are downloadable plugins in your browser. Some may have the option to download a specific application/software. The hard part of the procedure is the transaction of money online. Most well established and certified casinos like sbobet casino will use mainstream methods of payment.
Even though in Indian mythology gambling seems to the epicentre of the great myths, it is illegal to gamble in India. However, it is possible to use them by using e-wallets which may take a small percentage (1% – 2%) for transactions.

Companies often outsource the actual software to game developers. At the core of all these games lies an important algorithm called ‘RNG’ or ‘Random number generator’. The RNG as the name suggests generates random numbers. These algorithms never store the previous values to ensure that each turn on say a slot machine has the same probability of hitting a jackpot as 10 years ago or even 10 years later. Interestingly enough the ‘RNG’ is also an important mechanic in many competitive games and professional E-Sports.

Online v/s Land Casinos
Convenience – Access requires only a PC/smartphone and an internet connection.
Global Access – Since these casinos have servers internationally, as a participant you would be competing against players around the globe.
Loyalty Points – Loyalty points are privileges given to players who would use the same site repeatedly. Land casinos also distribute points to loyal players; however, they are often in the form of free food, free drinks or a room upgrade. But in the case of Online Casinos, these points can be directly cashed in and further used to play.

Online Casinos are the Gambler’s haven. What are you waiting for? Play casino online now!